Dogdays Magazine Issue #4
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Dogdays Magazine Issue #4

"Look, Mom, it’s a DIY ISSUE!

With the fourth issue of DogDays Magazine we are celebrating the DIY spirit of the roller skating scene. 52 pages packed with stories by and about lots of fresh folks who are creating and are following their dreams. In a full-length interview Indy Jamma Jones told us about how she started Planet Roller Skate. Accompanied by amazing photos of Marshall Garlington who hit the streets of LA with Indy. Check out never seen photos of Barbie, Bomba Hache and Ragnaroll in a secret basement diy bowl no roller skater every entered before or Dee I. Why’s travel story about, of course, diy spots from England to New Zealand. 
And: In her column Flammers’ gives instructions how to build a diy rail!

Packed with awesome give aways by Better Bearings, Rollerstuff, Busking Bears and Dogdays you should get your fingers on this issue fast!"