Aqua/Mint Suede Fringe Kit for Moxi Lolly/Sure-Grip Boardwalk!

Aqua/Mint Suede Rollerstuff Fringe Kit


A little fringe goes a long way! Dress up your skates with these lovely, skater-made fringe-kits by Abbey Roadkill. This Aqua/Mint Suede Fringe Kit attaches to both Moxi Lollies and the Sure-Grip Boardwalk! Easy, non-invasive installation will have you rolling in style before you can say *fringe*.

Want to know how to best apply your fringe? Abbey and Indy talk about the best ways to attach your Rollerstuff accessories in this episode of Planet Roller Skate:

Handmade to order by the one and only Abbey Roadkill in Dallas, Texas!