Aqua Mint Suede Toe Caps
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Aqua Mint Suede Toe Caps

Avoid that first-scuff panic with these handmade suede toe caps! Not only do they offer long-lasting protection to your new skates, but they can also bring new life to a long-loved setup! So many options you'll want 'em all!

Sold as a set.

The specs: Thick velvety suede toe caps. Complete with nickel eyelets and silver rivets along the seams. Durable metal hardware holding everything together - not sewn - no thread to unravel or bust apart after a gnarly wipeout.

SIZING: Small recommended for skate sizes 8 and smaller; Large recommended for skate sizes 8 and larger* (Size 8 is the middle of the road and can go either way; small for a snug fit, large for more coverage)  

*Moxi Jack boot: You may consider buying for one size up from what your boot size is, as the Jack boots are more beefy and padded than typical skate boots.

*If your boot laces all the way to the toe, you may want to go with the size small toe caps no matter your boot size, as the large caps will sit a few rows higher than the bottom eyelets on your boot (however, this will also provide more coverage.) 

*If your boot’s the bottom row of eyelets are positioned higher up from the toe than normal (most Chaya lifestyle boots, for example, as well as many sneaker mounted skates) you may need the size large toe caps no matter your boot size, in order for the eyelets to reach high enough to align. (Smalls will fit more snugly, though they will lace on with their eyelets positioned slightly lower than the boot’s bottom eyelets.)

(Note: the above sizing suggestion refers to SKATE sizes 7 and 8, NOT shoe sizes 7 and 8. If you do not know what size your skates are for sure, keep in mind that most skate boots use men's shoe sizing. The conversion is typically one full size or size and 1/2 smaller than your women's shoe size. Example: I wear a 6.5 or 7 in women's shoes and my roller skates are a size 5.)

Handmade to order by the one and only Abbey Roadkill in Dallas, Texas!