Skatepark Trick Dice!
Skatepark Trick Dice!
Skatepark Trick Dice!

Skatepark Trick Dice!

Skatepark Trick Dice, Set of 2

Challenge yourself or your friends to a game of S.K.A.T.E. at the skate park! Roll the dice, then roll on in to try your hand (well, feet) at the trick they landed on! One die is for tricks, the other die has qualifiers that add difficulty to the trick - a total of 36 different combinations to roll and try! 

All trick combos applicable for ANYBODY ON WHEELS at the skatepark, not just roller skaters! That means you, your skateboarder boyfriend, the crazy inline dude you just met, AND the scooter kids can ALL play together in harmony like one big happy hippie skate family! ✌(Well, that is if scooter kids can manage doing a handplant - can they? One arm handlebar one arm handplant? Not sure about that one.)

*HEADS UP: As of right now these are a special holiday-only item. THERE ARE LIMITED NUMBER OF SETS AVAILABLE IN EACH COLOR: ONLY 5 OF EACH matching color sets, and 20-25 B&W or Black on Black sets. Once a color sells out, it’s gone!

DICE #1:
• Frontside Stall
• Backside Stall
• Air
• Handstand/Handplant
• Slide/Grind
• Trick of your Choice

DICE #2:
• The Coping
• Over the Spine 
• To Fakie
• From Fakie
• Add a Grab or a Kick
• Cross Footed 

• Black/White
• White/White
• Black/Black

Each set contains 2 of the same color dice, one with black text on silver/holographic; one with silver/holo text on black (with the exception of the Black/White Set and the “Blackout” Black on Black sets). 

Sets come in their own close-able baggie so you can just throw them in your skate bag without worrying about a needle in a haystack situation later to find them!